Summit County Paintball Checklist

Mar 12, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

What you need to get ready for a day of Breckenridge paintball.

Paintball is an outdoor sport. Put it in the same genre as mountain biking or hiking. It is also considered a "contact" sport. This means, players need expect to be hit by paintballs! Being prepared is the best way to ensure a great - and safe - time. Use this checklist to help you get ready for your Black Bear Paintball experience:

Dress Appropriately

Long sleeve shirts (tee-shirts and sweatshirts are good combos), long pants, and covered-toe shoes (hiking boots and sports tennis shoes) are preferred for paintball. No tank tops, shorts or sandals - you won't be allowed to play if you show up dressed like your headed to the beach! Long sleeved shirts and long pants provide a little extra protection from the paintballs and protect you from the sun. While our paint should not permanently stain your clothes, it can happen so wear clothing you don't mind messing up! You can purchase a disposable camo suit to wear over your clothes if you like.

Baseball Cap

You will want to wear a baseball cap or something similar. Our masks protect your face and ears, but the top of your head is exposed. A baseball cap worn backwards add great protection to your head.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Aspen Canyon Ranch is at 8,400 feet of elevation. This means you sunburn faster than at lower elevations. Be sure to wear sunscreen. Cover all exposed skin with a high SPF rated sunscreen, the kind does doesn't wear off when you perspire. (Don't forget your ears and nose!)

Hydrate Often

Another effect of the high altitude is your body loses water much more quickly. Add to this accelerated water loss sweating while playing paintball and you can find yourself dehydrated pretty quickly. Be sure to drink some water (or an electrolyte replacing beverage like Gatorade) between each match. We provide water free at the course.

Bring a High-Protein Snack

You will burn a lot of calories playing paintball. Bring a high protein snack or a couple granola bars with you. You'll appreciate them, especially if you play for several hours. (Note: If you plan on playing over the lunch hour, Aspen Canyon Ranch provides an awesome assortment of lunch boxes.

Use Lip Balm

The air is dry at 9,000 feet. Avoid cracked and chapped lips by using some sort of lip balm. Make sure it is an oil-based or wax-based balm so it doesn't wear off quickly. Chapstick works great.

Know Your Limits

Paintball brings out the Rambo in you!

Okay, paintball brings out the warrior in you. Male or female, young or old - it doesn't matter. Put a marker in your hand and you're Rambo! (We get that! It's one of the reasons we like to play so much.) Slow down tiger - you just got here from sea level and, truth be told, maybe you're not in the best of shape. Be aware of what your body is telling you as you play. If it says, "I really need to rest" - please rest. No one will think less of you - not even Rambo, heck he took a break too! We want you to have a great time so know your limits and stick to them - this will greatly increase your fun factor.

Consult the Weather Gods

At Black Bear Paintball we play - rain or shine. (Unless of course the world is ending in a cataclysmic volcanic eruption!) During the mid-to-late summer the Colorado high country is famous for its monsoons, cloud bursts that roll in, blow up, and roll out. Nothing major, just a little water. Be aware of the weather for the day and suck it up - we play in the rain. (It's that Rambo thing again!)

Follow the Rules

At the beginning of each session your referee will take you through the course rules. While most of the rules will be obvious, like, "Keep your mask on in the playing field", all the rules are important. The rules help everyone have a great time and be safe. Paintball is no more dangerous than mountain biking or dodgeball - if you follow the rules.

Here's a fun video by CPX Sports that pretty much covers the basic rules at Black Bear Paintball. Please check out our FAQs or contact us with specific questions. Enjoy and see you SOON!

Summit County Paintball co-owner Jeff McElhattan
Black Bear Paintball
Silverthorne, Colorado


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