Summer Fun Things to Do In Breckenridge Colorado

Apr 6, 2016

Summit County is Colorado's Playground - Black Bear Paintball is the newest addition to your playground options.

Summit County is known as “Colorado’s Playground”. There’s no wonder why. In winter, the area boasts world-class ski resorts and draws competitive events from all over the globe. When one thinks of “Breckenridge” or “Summit County”, typically one does think of skiing and snowboarding. Surprisingly however, Colorado’s Playground sees more visitors during the summer than winter.

The area is renowned for its hiking, camping, fishing, and other summer time activities. Here are some fun things to do in the summer while you're on vacation in Breckenridge or any other Summit County destination.

Black Bear Paintball

Paintball in the woods, surrounded by the high country's spectacular scenery. What could be better?

New to the summer activities scene in 2016 is Black Bear Paintball. Individuals, groups, and private parties don’t have to drive an hour-and-a-half to get to the closest paintball course anymore. Black Bear is located just 30 minutes north of Silverthorne. Prices for a family of four start at $55/person. You can purchase extra ammo, extend your play time, and rent armor for additional fees (click here for details). Paintball is a fast, action-filled sport that gets the adrenalin pumping. Recommended for ages 10+.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a tranquil and relaxing mountain activity. Great for people who just want to chill.

Horseback Riding is a fun option. Most horseback rides are done in groups that follow a guide. A lot of the horseback ride providers stage in town then drive their guests to the trails. Count on a 45-minute to one-hour ride, depending on which company you go with. Costs typically run $95-$105 for a two-hour guided tour. This is a low-key, relaxing option. You will definitely see some gorgeous scenery. Recommended for ages 4+.

White Water Rafting

Wet 'N Wild. Enjoy a river adventure rafting any of the rivers in the area.

Colorado offers awesome white water rafting, especially in early June when the rivers are swollen with water from the snowmelt. There are a number of white water rafting companies working out of Summit County. Expect an hour to two-hour drive to your river. Half-day trips start around $100+/person (about two hours on the water; the rest is driving time to get you to the river). White water rafting is a mild to wild option, depending on the age and skill of your group. Recommend for ages 4+, depending on the level of difficulty.

ATV Tours/Rentals

ATV Rentals at Aspen Canyon give you access to hundreds of miles of national forest terrain.

As with white water rafting, there are a number of ATV rental and tour options available in the County. You need to factor travel and staging in with your half day rental so you usually wind up with two, maybe three hours of actual ride time. (That’s why a full-day rental is, in my humble opinion) a better deal. Most half-day rentals having you picking up your ATVs at 8:00am with a return time by noon. You are billed extra for late returns. Half day rentals run $260/person to $600/vehicle for multi-person ATVs. ATVs are a lot of fun and you can set your own pace. You can go mild to wild, depending on your comfort level with speed and the terrain. Recommended ages 4+.

Fly Fishing Lessons/Trips

Fly fishing is an outdoor sport enjoyed by young and old. There's nothing quite like hooking a cutthroat trout for the first time.

Summit Country draws anglers from all over the world. The Blue River is legendary for fly fishing, and with the Arkansas and Colorado rivers close by, you have lots of options. Generally speaking, a novice can take a two-hour fly fishing lesson for about $80. Then s/he can book a guided trip for around $140 for a half-day wade trip (factor in travel and staging, so you can expect two, maybe three hours on the water.) Fly fishing is a relaxing adventure. Recommend for ages 10+.

Meet the Smiths

The Smiths want to do everything but they only have a week of vacation. How can they solve their dilemma?

So, the Smiths are a family of six that are vacationing in Summit County for the week. They have limited time and want to do a lot of things. Mom and 10-year-old Sam like the idea of a horseback ride. Dad and 12-year-old Heather like the idea of an ATV ride. 15-year-old Bobby and his older sister, Hannah, really like the idea of getting each other in the sights of a paintball gun. How do the Smiths resolve their dilemma? Well, they could spend a lot of time in a car driving from one activity to another… OR….

The Best of All Worlds

Visit Aspen Canyon Ranch's website and see what other great adventures are there for you to enjoy.

… they could book everything at one location close by Breckenridge and enjoy it all at once. Aspen Canyon Ranch, home to Black Bear Paintball, offers fly fishing, ATV rentals, white water rafting, horseback rides and of course, paintball – all at one location. The Smith family can enjoy an entire day of fun without having to spend hours in a car getting from one activity to another. Oh! By the way, Aspen Canyon Ranch offers family cabins so even the drive from the Smith’s lodging in Breckenridge wouldn’t be necessary. There is so much to see and do at Aspen Canyon Ranch. The Smiths could vacation there and never leave the grounds and still not do everything the Ranch offers. Check it out and call Aspen Canyon for helping planning the most amazing vacation ever!

Summit County Paintball co-owner Jeff McElhattan
Black Bear Paintball
Silverthorne, Colorado


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