Standard Paintball Gear for 2018

Black Bear Paintball offers the best gear for our guests. This means more fun and a safer time for you. The following is standard issue on our course.

We feature the Tippmann 98 Marker, a staple in the Paintball industry.

Tippmann 98 Marker

The Tippmann 98 has been the workhorse of paintball for a long time. Light and accurate, the short barrel helps you maneuver in tight areas without snagging your marker. Our inventory was purchased new for the 2016 season.

Empire's Invert Helix No-Fog Mask

Empire Invert Helix Mask

This fog-resistant mask is designed to provide your eyes, ears and face with maximum protect. The wide lens ensures great peripheral vision. The rigid plastic shell offers ample ventilation and the dual-pane thermal lens resists fogging.

Neck guard by Tippmann. Protects your neck and throat.

Neck Guard

This neoprene neck guard is design to play hard with you. Protects your neck and throat. Standard issue at Black Bear Paintball. Though not required at a lot of courses, we provide them for your safety.

Black Bear Paintball doesn't cut corner on our gear.

Camo coveralls available for purchase at the field. Limited availability.

Dominate the course with this premium upgrade.

Tactical Upgrade

Upgrade to our premium tactical package for only $20. More protection, more accurate marker at longer distances. Purchase the premium upgrade at the field or reserve online. Note: only two snipers are allowed on the field at a time.

Run out of ammo? Not to worry, we have more for sale at the course.

200 Additional Rounds of Ammo

Get an additional hopper of ammo for extended play. Yes, they will fear you.

The extended, rifled-barrel and extra ammo makes you a dominant force on the paintball course.

Sniper's Rifle

The modified Tippmann 98 features a 16", rifled sniper's barrel for more accuracy at greater distances.


Tippmann Chest Protector

Protects the sensitive areas of the chest and back. Fully-adjustable to fit most sizes. Significantly reduces the sting of being hit by a paintball.

Closed for 2018

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